3D Laser Texturing

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By using Laser texturing and Laser structuring we produce filigree and complex surface structures on metallic, ceramic or on graphite parts, which are inserted with an 5 axis machine on freeform surfaces or on planar surfaces.

The basis for the structure is an image file, which reproduces the depth information of the structure via grayscale.
In this way, abstract scars and functional structures can be easily implemented.

Structural gradients and soft transitions from different structures are also easily accessible.

Unlike etching, the process allows us to ensure almost 100% reproducibility.
With the help of our design and scar catalogue, consisting of over 64 in-house structures, quick decisions in terms of appearance and feel are possible and a feeling for the later structure can be developed. We have already developed a wide range of available designs in our scar (grain catalog). Of course, you can also incorporate your own design wishes. New possibilities are waiting for you!

This allows us to respond to and implement tailor-made structures and customer-specific requirements and wishes.

But it’s not just structures/textures that can be lasered.

From 3D model to finished laser engraving

The laser removal of a 3D geometry is also possible with the help of our laser process, which is derived from the corresponding 3D data set and laser engraved. This enables the production of logos, markings, micro contours and textures quickly and cost-effectively.

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